Try Demo Account - English

We know that it is difficult to decide which renderfarm to use without previously knowing how it works. This is the reason why we decided to give you the opportunity to try and learn how RenderFlow works, for free, without registering and as easy as possible, thanks to our new Demo system.

The way to access the system is easy. Through the demo@renderflow account, which you can access from Syncro or from the Control Console using the password "demo".

Peculiarities of the Demo account:

- All uploaded render jobs are visible to any user and the created content can be downloaded by anybody as well, so we recommend you to use it only for private projects.

-Uploaded projects cannot be deleted from the Demo account since they are thought as real examples of the RenderFlow system which allow other users to learn.

How to use it:

  1. Install Syncro from our web

  2. Once Syncro is installed it will automatically install missing plugins. If this does not start automatically you only have to choose the option Install Plugins from the Configurations menu.

  3. We now start our 3D software and there appears the option "renderfarm" in the menu. Before we activate it we have to configure our scene for render.

  4. Once the plugin starts it automatically checks the scene and it will ask whether we want it to configure automatically or not, so we can do it manually.

  5. When the render starts the Demo system will ask us about the authorship of the render job. This allows us to differentiate the different render jobs in the public Demo account.

  6. Once the render of the scene finishes the system will notify us after which we can download the result to our pc.

Remember that this account is thought for getting to know our system. For private jobs you have to create a private account at RenderFlow. Now you can start to learn how to use RenderFlow and think in your future projects!