Forest Effects

Forest Pack, de iToo Soft. En los últimos años se ha convertido en un plugin de los que llamamos "imprescindibles". Antes pensábamos en un simple Scatter, pero ahora mismo es mucho más que eso.

Acaban de sacar hace muy poco su versión 5 y con ella unas opciones de generación de efectos muy interesante para mucho mas que rellenar escenas. Os dejo el vídeo resumen que han sacado.


In Forest Pack 5 we released a brand new feature called Forest Effects. This allows you to extend the existing features of Forest Pack by adding new functionality from a library, importing them from individual files, or creating your own using expressions. Forest Pack 5 also includes a number of examples of effects that could be useful for your work and can act springboard to help you to learn to write your own.

In this introductory tutorial we'll focus on the former, and demonstrate how effects are imported and used, including an overview of the built in effects, how to run 3rd party effects and how to install effects files to the library for easy access and re-use.

Also included in the download for this tutorial are 10 new effects. See the written version here: