New Synchro 1.5

Synchro 1.5: Your renders, our power!

Our aim at RenderFlow is to reproduce the convenience of rendering locally, but with the power of over a 1000 high-performance render nodes at your fingertips. With the release of Synchro 1.5, the new version of our industry leading farm management software, we’ve moved a significant step closer to that goal.

No-hassle rendering for Arch Viz

Anyone who’s used a remote render farm will be familiar with the steps involved: Check and save your files making sure that all necessary assets are included and links work correctly, package all these assets and upload them to the farm, start the job and wait – patiently, finally download the renders when they’re done. Hopefully there won’t be any changes needed or you’ll be going through that whole process again, costing more time and money.

With RenderFlow’s Synchro application this process is fully automatic and as simple as a couple of clicks. In addition, Synchro also gives you sophisticated tools that allow you to control, monitor and preview your jobs avoiding mistakes and minimising any risk of potentially costly re-renders.

What’s new?

Synchro was already a fantastic time-saver, providing a one-click solution to check scenes, package and send jobs to the farm, and download finished frames. Our aim though is to get as close to the experience of rendering on your own desktop as possible, and until now it had been necessary to use the web console to carry out certain tasks.

This has changed! With Synchro 1.5, all the features of our web-based console are available directly on your desktop, drastically improving ease-of-use and making the process of sending, managing, previewing, and receiving jobs effortless.

In Synchro 1.5 you can now:

Install Plugins

Installing and managing RenderFlow plugins for 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, and Blender just got even easier. Just click the Install Plugins option in Synchro, and RenderFlow tools are detected and installed automatically for compatible applications. Our native plugins allow you to send jobs to RenderFlow from directly inside your favourite 3d program.

See an at-a-glance overview of all your jobs

The Synchro Manager shows you a global view of all current and completed tasks. From here you can see the progress of all your projects, open the folder for downloaded files, or launch the detail window for more information and to control a particular job. This simplified view of Synchro gives is the best way to track multiple simultaneous jobs, access files from completed renders, and see the status of all your work on the farm.

Open a detail panel for individual jobs

With Synchro 1.5 you’re never left guessing! The Project Detail windows is a movable floating display that can be placed anywhere on the desktop to monitor the status of an individual job. It shows the current status, priority, previews, progress, resources consumed and provides many controls for managing the render.If you have lots of projects on RenderFlow you can track them all simultaneously by opening multiple floating windows. Alternatively for a more compact view, use the dropdown menu to change jobs.

Get real-time information about GHZ consumption

Keep an eye on precisely how much time your renders are taking using the advanced tracking tools. The Ghz graph enables you to see the resources consumed for each frame, or you can see a real-time view of estimated and consumed time and costs for the job. These tools help you to closely monitor progress and manage your budget.

See previews of each frame, as soon as they’re rendered

No need to wait! When a frame is finished rendering on the farm a preview becomes available in Synchro immediately.

Control projects

Project are managed on the farm directly from your desktop. Use the Project Detail window to stop a job, delete a project from the farm, download completed frames or change the priority of tasks.

Contact us

Finally, in the rare event that you need to contact support, you can do so directly from your desktop. Just click on the support button, leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where to get Synchro 1.5

If you’re already a RenderFlow user you can start using Synchro 1.5 right away! Just start the application and it will update automatically. If Synchro is already running you can force an update by clicking on About > Check for updates to download the new version.

If you’re new to RenderFlow and you’d like to see how Synchro 1.5 can improve your workflow and save you time and money, just download the installer from our website. You’ll need to register to start an account, this can be done from the website or directly in the Synchro application. As a new user we’ll give you 15€ of free credit to test our service and make sure it’s the right choice for you.

We hope you enjoy using Synchro 1.5. Happy rendering!